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About Us

The journey began in 1980 with the launch of a single store for retail business called the New World Company. A few years later, in 1987, the Ansar Group was officially formed with the establishment of an enticing new shopping hub known as the New World Centre.

In 2017 Ansar Group has moved through greater stages of growth from its inception to expansion with 13 massive malls and Real estate properties that have been attracting a steadily rising number of visitors over the years. Our retail presence now extends across three GCC countries and United States of America, which are individually tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of each market. Designed to comply with high standards, the group houses an extensive array of products from a vast number of locations across the globe. This broad range of merchandise caters to all types of customers - from the budgeted shopper to the upscale consumer. In addition, our growth factors include the large storage & procurement offices in Turkey &China.

Ansar Group is the name behind the creation of a varied range of malls and retail destinations that offer quality, lifestyle products and services to its shoppers. As of today, our group encompasses over one and half million sq. feet of retail space; another one million sqr feet of warehousing space; 4,000 well-trained, passionate staff; and a minimum yearly footfall of over 15 million. Today, with an annual growth rate of 25%, our expansion plans include opening of more shopping centers in the GCC market in every year. In our journey forward, we commit to continue bringing this exceptional retail mix of attractive prices, quality and range to our ever-growing number of centers across the region.